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What exactly is the situation in the case at hand? First, while attachment to Israel is generally high, it also varies greatly depending on the religiousness of American Jews.

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All the available data converge: the pro-Israeli engagement of American Jews is more pronounced if they are religiously practicing ones. It does not act as a substitute allowing non-religious Jews to gain a strong ethnic identity. This actually needs to be taken one step further: the more American Jews are secularized the more distant they are towards Israel, making any form of long-distance nationalism impossible over time. When ethnicity becomes too symbolic, it increasingly risks disappearing to the point where long-distance nationalism can no longer help: it cannot reinvigorate already weakened identities.

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More systematic studies would be needed on other diasporas, be they ones supporting an existing state Turkey or ones promoting a nationalist movement aspiring to create a sovereign state Kurds, Tamils to better identify the methods, variables and modus operandi of long-distance nationalism. Log out of Readcube. Click on an option below to access.

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Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Get access to the full version of this article. The latter is a broader concept than the former as it includes people that straddle just one border. A sentiment of belongingness in ethnic terms is essential for a migrant community to be characterized as diaspora.

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But this statement does not work in the opposite direction. An ethnic group is not necessarily a diaspora. In effect, it is rare to find a nation-state composed by a homogenous ethnic community of course, they are ethnic communities, not diasporas. So, according to this quotation, diasporic people would be more likely to keep their ethnic roots than other ethnic groups.

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This makes a difference in terms of which group can be considered as diasporic and which cannot. The relations between the different Basque communities in the United States really started in the s, and the relations between the communities scattered in different host countries are even more recent, and still on the making. Okamura chooses this exclusive definition, in my view, for one reason: his work focuses on a recent massive population movement, the Filipinos in the United States.

And the relations with other communities are made possible because of a new reality context: the speeding up of telecommunications and transportation. Finally, another feature unique to diasporas concerns their consciousness that is global and loAcal at the same time.

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