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Here are just eight benefits of a social media fast!

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I am grateful to have a living prophet in my life! I thought the fast would be easy because I didn't think I used social media that much, but it was surprisingly hard! More than once I found myself bored and wanting to go on social media, and had to work hard not to. I felt so detached from my phone.

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I started leaving it home when I went to the store with my mom. I felt so much happier without some little gadget following me around everywhere screaming at me to look at its screen. I felt free and closer to my family and my Heavenly Father.

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I loved having a distraction-free week. This has caused a change for the better in my life.

Not only have I noticed that my phone battery lasts longer, but so does my spiritual battery. Fast Pay One-click Checkout Connect your credit and debit cards to Fast, then pay with just a tap on any site, even on your first visit. Install Fast, fall in love! Fast makes it easier for your users to signup, login or pay. Order groceries online, easily "Fast has made ordering groceries online easier, powering thousands of logins a month and converting millions in transactions a year for our new and existing customers.

Nil login issues, overnight "Fast reduced our customer login issues to nil overnight. Install Fast, have happy users. Remember the fight between Statham and Johnson in Furious 7 , which ended mid-brawl when a helicopter fired a missile that destroyed the ground between them?

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That was because neither actor wanted to be seen to lose. Bless them. I mean it. Bless their little faces. There are a couple of interesting points, though.

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Second, it is clear we are dealing with some incredibly delicate petals here, so perhaps it would be a good idea to expand the contractual clauses to other, non-violent aspects of their work. But there are other opportunities for one-upmanship. For example, eating.

Fast One

What if there were a restaurant scene in Hobbs and Shaw in which Dwayne Johnson orders a quiche but Jason Statham orders a steak?